In a medical office

Our Encore Associates are medical professionals who care for you in a clinical office setting, providing medically-supervised weight loss and wellness plans. If your preferred plan includes medication, this office dispenses medication and you receive expert coaching from Encore specialists.

Your certified health professional is with you every step of the way on your journey to a healthy weight and a new life! Together, you and your health professional will assess your needs and work along with Encore to provide the tools to lose the weight.

As an Encore in-office patient, you have access to our coaches and other specialists that are your guides and ongoing resource. Many health issues that result from habit formation can be addressed by developing healthy habit rituals - and you are not alone on the journey. Weight management is our foremost goal for you. Along with treatment, addictive behavior modification and supportive reinforcement, we will arm you with the appropriate tools to achieve success.  We are committed to helping you see a new, healthier you. 

When pre-existing medical conditions exist, it's best to have care managed by a physician who can monitor your health status and progress along the way.

Use this link to locate and contact our nearest Encore Associates clinical office. 

WOW IT REALLY WORKS!!! First I must say that I’ve tried every diet known to man, but the meal plan designed for me by Encore is by far the BEST! It seemed to target all the places I wanted to lose…my stomach, thighs and hips. I used to be terrified to get on the scale, and now I can hardly sleep from excitement to jump on the scale every morning.