Encore at the Worksite

Corporate Wellness - Tools to build a healthier workforce

Encore will design and deliver a customized wellness program for your organization to improve employee health, productivity and morale. A healthier workforce can lead to lower healthcare costs, positive employee engagement and team-building initiatives among management and staff.

We review and identify:

  • Workforce Demographics
  • Health Risks Among Employees
  • Healthcare Utilization Management Strategies

Health & Lifestyle Assessment includes:

  • Medical History / Physical and Sociodemographic Data

Family history, body composition, medications, smoking, alcohol

  • Nutrition

Eating behavior, weight loss, food tracking, dietary supplements

  • Activity Level

Physical activity tracking, sleeping habits

  • Wellness

Perceived health status, stress, depression, social support, alternative therapies

  • Environment

Occupation, residential history, sun exposure


Discount pricing available for all group plans, based on the size of your group. Contact Us for details.


Two core programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your workforce:

Premier Membership



Make Healthier Food Choices


  • Two (2) Wellness Coaching Sessions per month
  • Nutritional Counseling, Journaling and Meal Planning with your Coach
  • Access to a Multi-Specialty Provider Network, including Online Therapy
  • Wellness and Weight Management Apps

Fit & Balanced


Discounted Group Pricing Available

An All-Natural Approach to Weight Loss


  • Encore's Wellness & Weight Loss Handbook
  • A Consultation with an Encore Physician
  • Weekly Wellness Coaching
  • Medical and Dietary History Assessment
  • A Treatment Plan
  • Low-Calorie Meal Planning
  • Remote Health Monitoring
  • 4-Week Program

Fact: Obesity is a national health crisis that can be solved.

Healthcare Providers

Add a Weight Loss Program to your Practice

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Encore Membership Benefits

When you purchase an Encore program, you automatically become an Encore Member. Once you complete your customized program, your Encore membership continues and you have access to:

  • Video conference with multi-specialty Provider Network
  • Two Video Coaching sessions each month
  • Health & Wellness Resources

I lost 30 pounds in just six weeks!! This diet has totally changed my life! I no longer crave all those fatty, greasy fried foods anymore. I thought a low-calorie diet would kill me and leave me hungry, but since I eat a meal or snack every two hours, I stay pretty full. I’ve also found that I have more energy than ever, and I sleep better than before.