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Online Membership



A Portal for Wellness

  • Professional meal planning tips
  • Second opinion consults using our multi-specialty provider network
  • Two video coaching sessions each month
  • Access to the Encore Health & Wellness Resources
  • Wellness and weight managment apps

Maintain for Life



Weight Stabilization Program

  • Maintain for Life manual
  • Access to the Encore Health & Wellness Resources
  • Live video consultation with you Encore Wellness Coach

Nutritional Counseling


Learn How to Make Healthier Food Choices

  • Remote health monitoring
  • Medical and dietary history assessment
  • 7-day meal plan
  • Food journal
  • 2 video coaching sessions

Fit & Balanced


All Natural Approach to Weight Loss

  • 4-week program
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Lab analysis and physical exam
  • Medical and dietary history assessment
  • Low-calorie meal plan
  • One video nutritional and wellness consultation with an Encore physician
  • Prescribed supplements
  • Weekly weight loss coaching

Peak Performance


A More Aggressive Approach to Weight Loss

  • Available only in a medical office setting
  • 4-week program
  • Weekly office visits
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Physical exam & review lab results
  • Medical and dietary history assessment
  • Low-calorie meal plan
  • Four video nutritional and wellness consultations with an Encore provider
  • Pharmaceutical-grade medications and supplements
  • Discount on Series Renewal available

Fact: Journaling can improve your weight loss results.

Healthcare Providers

Add a Weight Loss Program to your Practice

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Encore Membership Benefits

When you purchase an Encore program, you automatically become an Encore Member. Once you complete your customized program, your Encore membership continues and you have access to:

  • Video conference with multi-specialty Provider Network
  • Two Video Coaching sessions each month
  • Health & Wellness Resources

I’m following the Encore weight loss program and have had great results! When I began, I was looking for a natural approach since I have high blood pressure and can’t take hCG or appetite suppressants. Thank you, Encore!